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Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) version 7.2 will build upon IIAB 7.1, and is expected July 2021 (Roadmap Ideas, GitHub Milestone, Wiki) in service of DIY digital libraries for schools, clinics and communities across all corners of the planet.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.IIAB.IO) and consider installing a pre-release today:

<a href=http://download.iiab.io>download.iiab.io</a>

Please join us in making this major release happen!


Internet-in-a-Box brings the Internet’s crown jewels and the very best of the World’s Free Knowledge (Wikipedia, Khan Academy, OpenStreetMap, E-Books, etc) to those who are burning for learning — but just happen to be offline.

Use drag-and-drop to craft your very own “learning hotspot” with local gems too — tailored to the needs of your school, your library, your prison, your region and/or your very own family!

Why not build your own LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA with a $35 Raspberry Pi 4 computer, starting today?

What’s New?

What’s Upgraded?

What might future versions bring?

  • “Fieldback” Community Analytics
    • **# Friendly for village librarians, (2) Actionable for IT implementers, (3) Thorough for education/medical researchers #1268
    • Charts showing usage hourly/daily/weekly/monthly PR #2511
    • Matomo for usage analytics, alongside some careful re-thinking of how IIAB teachers and content contributors can learn from users’ needs. #1762
  • IIAB out-of-box guided discovery
    • Automatic installation of “Content Bouquets” during IIAB installation (up to 64 GB or 128 GB typically, “I want what she has!”) so new implementers can pick a language — then hit the ground running. #1958
    • Updating & Versioning Infra for:
      1. Content Bouquets, Content Packs, Kolibri Channels (and Student Portfolios?). Peer catalogs, relating to torrenting/mirroring below? #857 #2553
      2. IIAB Apps “Registry” (might coordinate with point releases?) PR #2533
      3. IIAB software (effectively point releases like 7.2.1?)
    • Torrent-like content interchange between IIAB’s (“Maps might be enough for starters…possibly also including Satellite Photos?”) as the Sneakernet-of-Alexandria grows more real! PR #2572


Thank you e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e for building your own DIY Library of Alexandria. To serve One & All.

Building on this software and designs contributed by Nzolantima Swasisa, Nathan Koops, Shanti Bhardwa, Mir Rodríguez Lombardo, Mitra Ardron, Kurt Maier, T.K. Kang, Eric Nitschke, César López-Natarén, Joshua Kanani, Josh Dennis, Arky R., Matt Johnson, James Heilman, Sam Zidovetzki, Reno McKenzie, Anish Mangal, Mikko Kotila, Avni Khatri, Blondel Mondésir, Evelyn Fitzgerald, George Hunt, Tim Moody, Jerry Vonau, Adam Holt — among many other contributors !

Not just in your own community — but by keeping in touch with our global volunteer community network (http://OFF.NETWORK) each of you are providing the lifeblood “fieldback” — that keeps us motivated enabling Internet-in-a-Box’s quality content collaborations across ALL communities!

Join our Thursday calls if you too can help: MINUTES.IIAB.IO

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ.IIAB.IO

Known Issues

  • If you connect your IIAB’s internal Wi-Fi to the Internet over 5 GHz, you’ll prevent older laptops/phones/tablets (which require 2.4 GHz) from connecting to your IIAB’s internal hotspot, if wifi_up_down: True was set e.g. in /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml
  • If you’re booting from a USB device (e.g. an external disk or flash drive) please set usb_lib_enabled: False in /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml prior to installing IIAB, so that your filesystem is not viewable at http://box/usb. You can also do this after installing IIAB, using Admin Console (http://box.lan/admin) > Content > Services Enabled > USB based content libraries (uncheck the checkbox) > Save Configuration > Install Configured Options — give it 1-2 minutes and then check that this completed in Utilities (menu) > Display Job Status — and finally reboot. #2552
  • The 1st boot of an IIAB microSD card should NOT occur in a Raspberry Pi Zero W, as this can freeze or worse corrupt the microSD card, failing to expand (resize) the main partition. If you do need to resize: make sure the 1st boot of your IIAB microSD card happens in a Raspberry Pi 3, 3 B+ or 4. #2517
  • Node.js applications like Asterisk/FreePBX, Node-RED and Sugarizer won’t work on Raspberry Pi Zero W (ARMv6) if you installed Node.js while on RPi 3, 3 B+ (ARMv7) or RPi 4 (ARMv8). If necessary, run apt remove nodejs or apt purge nodejs then rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list; apt update then (attempt!) to install Node.js on the Raspberry Pi Zero W itself (a better approach than “cd /opt/iiab/iiab; ./runrole nodejs” is to try apt install nodejs or try installing the tar file mentioned at #2082). You might also need apt install npm. Whatever versions of Node.js and npm you install, make sure /etc/iiab/iiab_state.yml contains the line nodejs_installed: True (add it if nec!) Finally, proceed to install Asterisk/FreePBX, Node-RED and/or Sugarizer. #1799
  • A few residual issues may remain at: https://github.com/iiab/iiab/milestone/7